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Simply You, M Twins - Greensboro Child Photographer

I really really love these Simply You sessions, you guys.  The focus on the person is just striking such a chord with me. 

I had never met the M twins prior to the morning of our sessions.  When I arrived at their home, I was greeted by L - who immediately grabbed my hand and pulled me into the house.  All with a smile on his sweet face while he said "Come in, nice to meet you."  Such impressive manners for such a young little man.  I was smitten.  Then his brother, T, came around the corner with a big ol' grin on his face and I couldn't resist the smile or the amazing dark curls.  Lucky lucky parents!


Simply You, M - Greensboro Child Photographer

I had my first Simply You portrait session of 2018 this past weekend.  I am SO glad I decided to start offering these.  The session was so much fun and the images spoke to my heart as I was editing.  I strive for simplicity and calm in all aspects of my life, so I think that's why I am so fond of the results from this session.

Sweet M is actually celebrating her 5th Birthday today - which is why Mom wanted to do this session.  What a great way to capture her tenderness and all the different expressions five year olds wear.

If you've been on the fence about booking a Simply You session, stay tuned because I have a few more lined up over the next couple of weeks.  I think you'll love them just as much as I do.  The clean and simple backdrop really allows you to focus on the person.


P FAMILY | Greensboro Family Photographer

My relationship with this family goes way back, actually it goes back an entire decade!  This mama and I met at a Mom and Me class at The Little Gym in Holly Springs, NC when our oldest children were just babies.  We have both lived in several states and homes since then and have added a few more kids to the mix.  Somehow, we ended up back in the same state and close enough that we can still spend some time together on occasion.  Lucky me!

The P family drove up from Charlotte for their session.  We met at the beautiful Magnolia Manor in Colfax.  It's a little, not so hidden treasure I stumbled across and the weather was perfection that afternoon.  Great day to capture these adorable smiles.

Can't wait to meet their new addition this Fall!  You can count on seeing some of that cuteness around these parts in a few months.