Winston Salem Event Photographer ~ Housewives in the City - Winston Salem

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to connect with local women business owners at a networking event in Winston Salem.  We met at Firebirds Grill and enjoyed an evening of conversation, learning about each other's businesses and eating good food.  I fully believe in buying local and supporting other small businesses when I can - especially home based businesses.  I know how much work and time and love goes into trying to build something from the ground up.  It's truly a labor of love and being able to connect with other people who share that same passion and mind for business is such a great experience.  

Housewives in the City is a national organization with over 80 chapters across the United States.  If you're local to the Triad, our chapter is Winston Salem.  If you're in a different region, you can find your local chapter at  This is such a great non-profit to connect with people in your area.  Meet-ups are held monthly at various locations.  I definitely recommend checking it out.