Greensboro Family Photographer ~ C & S

I used to be embarrassed to admit that I met friends online, but honestly, so many of my really good friends are now people I met online somewhere.  This sweet mama is one of those people and we just happened to have moved to the Greensboro area within a few months of each other.  And the really fun fact is that our daughters were in the same class at school.  Yay for new friends  - when you don't live near family, you tend to lean on each other.

We met up on an amazingly beautiful Saturday evening at Country Park in Greensboro for this session.  These 4 love to explore the great outdoors together, so this setting was perfect.  C & S are such a cute couple and you can just tell they are happy together by the way they look at each other.  And I loved getting a firsthand glimpse at how much their daughters love each other.  Little best friends are so fun to watch.